5 Things to See in Rijeka

I’ll give you heads up, some of the mentioned places are not typical tourist attractions;)




Market place in Rijeka

My absolutely favorite – the market. I love locally grown food, I love the vegetables and fruits. I love the local herbs stands and a spice stand with spices all over the world. Not all the food from the market is local thought, so watch where you buy.

There are three main halls:

  • Fish hall
Fish market

Fish market

  • Meat hall

    Sorry, no picture here, I was still recovering from fish market (I do not believe in murdering animals).

  • Mix hall, where you can find bread, pastries, dairy products, tofu and more healthy food and some natural cosmetics
One of the stores in third hall

One of the stores in third hall

In between and around those halls you can find fruit and vegetable stands.

Fruit/vegetable stands and meet hall in the back (green building)

Fruit/vegetable stands and meet hall in the back (green building)

Heads up: in summer it gets really crowded, but if you wish to buy fresh fruit and vegetables just go for it. And if the ladies or gents that are selling those goodies don’t speak English just point what you want. 😉


2. JAIL “Via Roma”


Jail "Via Roma"

Jail “Via Roma”

The first time I’ve heard that the town jail is located in old town I was sitting next to it and drinking vine. I was a bit shocked and skeptic at first. I looked around more carefully and I saw the whole security system. Than I realized that my Croatian friend is not telling funny joke but a true story. The jail is open since 1905. I must say, that this is still one of my favorite places to chill in Rijeka on summer nights, because local bar is designed in Celtic style and they put cushions for sitting and chilling all around the square for people to enjoy their evening while having a drink or two.

And what I like in old towns is that you can find totally different buildings next to each other, for example, next to jail is Church.

Bar, jail and church

Bar, jail and church




All though Rijeka is a port city it is kind of normal to see ships (ferry, yacht, science expedition boat, etc).

I like ships that takes your breath away and I found one like that in Rijeka harbor. The ship is made of iron and looks really old, from war times. The rust is coming out in several places but that doesn’t bother me. If I would have money I would definitely buy it and I would remake it into … let say library, restaurants, hostels etc.

Iron ship

Iron ship

Beside other ships, yachts and boats you can also find a hotel boat, located in the Adamićev pier. And if you are staying in hotel boat and you want to go out and party you don’t have to go far, some of the neighbors are party boats 😉

Botel Marina

Botel Marina






Trsat is located on a hill above Rijeka and it was first mentioned in 799. You can go there by car or by foot – which I recommend, but be prepared to stretch those legs because there are quite some stairs to be climbed. In the end, the view will be more appreciated if you will put some effort to it 😉

Once you reach the top you can also visit Trsat Castle, Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat and Chapel of Votive Gifts or Rijeka’s University Campus which brings out the young side of Trsat.






Korzo is to Rijeka like what aorta is to heart. Korzo brings life to the city and it is alive almost all the time. It is a place for many street artists and parades, the most famous one is at the end of winter – Rijeka Carnival.

If you took your time and rise your sight you will see beautiful buildings with beautiful facades and statues. Here you can enjoy your coffee and just breath it the vibe of the city.

City Tower

City Tower

While taking your walk along the Korzo you can also find a City Tower (currently there are some works to be done), built in the middle ages and it is one of the symbols of Rijeka.


So, those are my top 5 choices (for now), what are yours?

2 thoughts on “5 Things to See in Rijeka

  1. Marin says:

    Dear Mr./Mrs.

    thanks for mentioning these 5 places, although Rijeka has much more to offer.
    Just two more things. Via Roma is special because, as You´ve mentioned – the church. Is´s not just the church but the city catedral of St. Vito.
    And that iron ship You´ve mentioned – yes, she is old. The name of the ship is “Galeb” (Seagull) and it was official ship of President Tito of Yugoslavia.

    Till next time,
    best regards!

    1. Ajda says:

      Marin, thanks for your info:)

      I had no idea that “Galeb” was Official ship of Tito, I bet it would be awesome to explore it!

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