5 Best Supplements & Nootropics For Traveling

Are you fond of traveling? Do you often wander around the world? And do you care about your health? If yes, then you came to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the essential supplements and nootropics for traveling.

But before we share them with you, let us answer a common question we often get:
“Why should I care about taking supplements when traveling?”

No matter how often you travel, or where you travel to, you shouldn’t forget about taking care of your health.
When you are at home, this is easier to do, but whenever you wander around the world, it often becomes the second priority.

And this can cause a whole range of issues such as low immunity, digestive problems, brain fog, jet-lag, etc.

If you are lucky, you will avoid them. But to control your luck, to stay healthy, to ensure low-stress levels, and high-antioxidant levels (which is especially vital when traveling to third world countries), we prepared a list of most important supplements and nootropics you should always bring with you.


If you usually avoid multivitamin supplements and prefer taking individual vitamins when necessary, that’s all right. But when traveling, multivitamin supplements are a must and very convenient.

Taking them ensures you’ll not lack any important vitamins, they are convenient to avoid any unnecessary luggage, and you only have to take a capsule or two per day.

Our favorite multivitamin supplement is Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi.

Performance Lab Whole Food Multi


Adaptogen herbs have been used for centuries in different parts of the world. Their primary role is ensuring a better mood, feeling more alert, and decreasing your stress levels.

Since they leave no adverse side effects and are legal across the world, they are perfect for your travel bag.

Our favorite adaptogen herb is Rhodiola Rosea.


If you have been traveling a lot, then you must have experienced (or at least heard) about people having digestive issues when traveling (especially to third world countries).

To avoid or to minimize digestive issues, we recommend taking probiotic supplements. You can buy them in basically any pharmacy in the world. Just ensure they are of high-quality.

SPECIAL TIP: We suggest taking probiotics before going on a trip, so you feed your gut with good bacteria before potential issues arise.


If you are not traveling to sunny places, then you shouldn’t forget about a Vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D3 plays many significant roles in our body, and one of them is also boosting and protecting our immune system.

To avoid experiencing a crash of your immune system when traveling, ensure you always bring a pack of Vitamin D3 with you. Before you buy them separately, check out if a multivitamin supplement which you’re going to take already contains Vitamin D3.


Nootropics can help you achieve ultimate cognitive performance. They can also help with general health and sleep. That’s why we recommend taking nootropics not just when you are at home, but also when traveling.

There are many nootropics that we recommend:

a) Nootropics for improving cognitive performance

You should take brain nootropics daily, no matter where you are. They’ll ensure your brain works optimally.

b) Nootropics for sleep

According to the experts, nootropics for sleep contain a lot of useful compounds that can help to ensure high-quality sleep no matter where you are. They can also be helpful to reset your circadian rhythm (when traveling far away), when you experience jet lag, or if you sleep in challenging conditions (too hot or too cold).

By taking those 5 best supplements & nootropics whenever you travel, you will ensure your body and mind will operate on the highest level possible.

Not only will you avoid health issues when traveling, but you will be able to emerge yourself in new activities and experiences as never before.

The 5 supplements we mentioned don’t take a lot of space in the bag, they are convenient to take (you only have to take 1-2 capsules per day, most of them in the morning), and can be pretty affordable.

Sure, the final price depends on the quality of the supplement.

If you use the highest-quality supplements at home, and you buy lower quality supplements for traveling, we don’t see a big issue.

As long as you take your daily dose of supplements and nootropics, you are good.

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