Aruba – one happy island

And it sure is. One happy island is Arubas slogan, and also the inscription on the license plate. And it’s justified. I have never seen such an amazing place on Earth, and I traveled a lot. You can find all the geographic and other information about Aruba on the internet, but here I am going to tell you the experience of Aruba from the first hand.

We came to Aruba to play the biggest international beach tennis tournament in the world.  We arrived  in November 11th in the evening.  The first thing we noticed on the airport were all the lights and other ornaments ready for the Christmas and New Year. So soon, and so funny for me, because we are not used to stand outside in short sleeves and flip-flops and watching  the lights and Christmas tree.


Than we took a taxi to our house that we rented in the Noord.  The first impresion while driving  reminded me a little bit to Miami. The capital city Oranjestad is so  beautiful, shoping mall’s have almost all the best American shops: Louis Vuitton, Armani, Guess, Hugo Boss, Victoria’s Secret and others. Some of that stores and all the popular American restaurants, like KFC, Wendy’s, Hooters,Pizza Hut,… are also located on Palm beach.

Oranjestad shopping mallOranjestad – shopping mall

We asked the taxi driver, if there is some danger in Aruba, that we need to be carefull for. And he said that the only thing that is dangerous is the sun, if you get burned. And now I really see that Aruba is safe island. Ofcourse you are never too careful, but bad things can happen everywhere.

The first two days we didn’t got a car yet, so we walked a lot, beacuse our house is about 3 kilometers away from Palm beach.  It’s quite exhausting to walk in that heat, but fortunately we rented a car. Car renting in Aruba in not expensive, so it’s much better and cheaper that driving with taxi.

Baby beachBaby beach

First quick drive through the town and the beaches was like: Oh my god. Is this true. I can’t believe I am here. Beautiful sand, palm trees, stunning sea, nice hotels. It’s always sunny, there might be some quick rain showers, but they are gone like in 5 minutes. The temperature is all year about  the same, about 30-35 degrees Celsius, and the ocean is very warm also.  And what I like the most about this country are the people. They are so nice and kind. The feeling, the energy that runs through you when you stand on this island is amazing. Aruba is where the time stops…You lose the feeling for time. Suddenly all the worries, all the troubles from every day life are forgoten.

 Eagle beach and Palm beach are two of the most popular beaches, and the most of the hotels in Aruba are located there. So therefore most of the people are there, but at this time of the year it’s not to crowded. It is just the right number of people, so you can easily make new friendships and get in contact with the locals and also the tourists.

Divi Resort Eagle beach Divi Resort – Eagle beach

When we came to the beach bar the first night there, it was not even a five minutes before some American guys came to us and start a conversation. In our country people are not that open, so I really like that. And the locals are very kind as well. People are walking on the beach and swimming in the pool with bottles in their hands, drinking, having fun.

Next day we went to the south, to look some beaches there.  Every beach has it’ own beauties, but when looking the whole package, Palm beach and Eagle beach gives you all. Beside the beautiful sea, gorgeous white sand, great palms, there are also nice clean toilets, showers, and for today’s need the most important thing: WiFi on the beach.  And you can park your car just by the beach, all the parkings are for free.

There are some other sights of the island, like Arikok National Park, Animal garden, California Lighthouse, and others.  Many activities is there you can do on Aruba. All the water sports, especially kite, horse riding, cycling, driving off road with jeep, golf, snorkling, fishing, and much more. The most popular sport on Aruba is ofcourse beach tennis. Almost all people living here, play beachtennis. It’s there way of life. And what a life it is.

California LighthouseCalifornia Lighthouse

I can only say that I am stunned by all the beauties of Aruba, and all the kindness and positive energy that the Arubian people gives you. I can’t tell you all, you have to try it to see it. The only thing that I wish while I am here, is that I could stay longer. Or maybe forever. Who does not want to live ON ONE HAPPY ISLAND.


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  1. Joao Apolonia says:

    Congratulations for this post. It describes perfectly the Aruba’s atmosphere.
    Me also I’m in Aruba and I’m feeling exactly like Tjasa. And of course I would like to stay longer also…

    One happy happy island!!!

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