Crete – Still Existing Paradise

The biggest Greek island – Crete with its unique position between three continents is the birth place of the highest pantheon god Zeus. It’s serenity, cordiality, homeliness, special energy of the remains of over 4500 years old Minoan palaces of the oldest European civilisation, beautiful sacral Byzantine art of churches and monasteries, traditional villages, agricultural plateaus in the heart of the mountains, gorges, caves, mountain ranges with the picks over of 2400 m high, Venetian capital, picturesque town with the lake, the highest jet-set place, islet with golden sand beach and protected cedars of Lebanon, the most hospitality natives, the genuine culinary art and intact nature treasures is still existent paradise.


There are infinite possibilities how to discover this small continent with more then 35 milion olive trees. You can imagine the production of the olive oil, not to mention the taste of the Cretan olives. No wonder Crete is known to have the most healthy Mediterranean cusine.


There are more than 2000 types of spices and herbs on the island, 160 of which are endemic, like diktamos and krithamos. Most of them can be used in the kitchen or in medicine. With not a lot of effort you can pick up planty of them by hiking around gorges and hills of the intact Cretan nature.

The jeep tour through genuine nature with a stop at the church with the most preserved frescoes of the Cretan Byzantin sacral art, drive through traditional villages to the plateau surrounded by the mountains and through the pine forest with the views over the bays to the one of the most beautiful islands’ bay for a swim or water sports and to enjoy unique culinary experience by tasting the fresh fish under the palm-leaves roof of the tavern next to the pearl clean deep blue-green sea certainly signifies unique experience of Crete.


Greeks are big meat fans too. Sheeps and goats that are walking around the places you only dare look at, eat the best of the best from nature, and so taste delicious when they are prepared in the way grandmothers used to prepare them. With an apology to all the animal lovers, and I am one of them, the meat bought in a supermarket cannot compare with this meat. It has genuine taste at the tavern, located in the traditional village with the houses built of domestic stone, under mulberry trees offering unique Cretan feast with a grandmothers’ food – which you will dream about even at home.

There is the birthplace of the supreme pantheon god, the Zeus cave, protecting the biggest islands’ agricultural plateau. Downhill hairpin bend road, with the views of the windmills and the intact landscape, leads you to the Venitian capital. After a round-view-walk of the still existed Venitian walls, fortress, arzenal, loggia and fontaine you can do also shopping of the traditional food products at the open-air market.

Crete Palace of Knossos

The islands’ south coast town with the Venetian fortress in its port gives you possibility to embark the boat to the islet with golden sand beach and protected cedars of Lebanon with a swim in the Libyan sea.


In the picturesque town featuring the lake that has no bottom according to the legend you can taste a great number of snacks, Greek meze like dakos, fava, mizitropita to snails, which are served next to a drink – the most typical for Crete is raki – in any tavern or Cretan home. By ordering some of them you can have a very good meal.


Crete Orthodox Church 

There is a chance learning about Byzantine sacral art by visiting numerous monasteries and churches in the green vallies or hidden in the middle or in the top of the hills.

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