Magnificent Island Krk, Croatia

Kvarner is a mostly seaside area in Croatia, beloved by many tourists around the whole world. Island Krk, Croatia is a true gem of Kvarner, with its crystal clear island waters and absolutely amazing nature. Krk is full of Slovene people, who keep returning to this beautiful island and also own a lot of properties there. I went to Krk for the first time in my life this year, which is quite surprising, but my family owns an apartment in Istria, which is why I spend most of the summer there. But this year I had a summer job, where my work was to write articles for a tourist guide book about Krk, my co-worker is writing. This is one of the best ways to really get to know the island, if you want to know enough about, to be able to represent it to other people. Tomaž and I explored the island in many possible way and even though island Krk, Croatia is a new destination to me, I do feel like I know the island pretty well by now. 

Island Krk

View of Baška from one of the hiking trails – Island Krk, Croatia

Krk has quite a few different little villages, that are all unique and make you feel like you are in a totally different place each time. I will try to describe each of them a little bit, so you get the idea what to expect from every one of them. Already when you arrive to Krk by the bridge of Krk, you are served a magnificent view of the construction connecting the land with the island, it never ceases to amaze me. I love stopping over near the bridge, taking pictures of it, it’s kind of a first sign that makes you realize you are finally at your destination. The first town on the way is Omišalj, which is a cute older town, with a nice old center, which is a great place to walk around. What I also love there is a one way street that goes all along the coast, offering a great driving experience and amazing views. In Omišalj there are gas reservoirs on the peninsula nearby, which sometimes makes guess worried or wonder if that has any effect on the cleanliness of the nature and sea there, but let me assure you, water is just as clear and clean as anywhere on the island Krk. Croatia has many islands, but I think Krk is definitely a real specialty with its variety. 

Another popular town is Njivice, which is famous and well visited due to its among tourists beloved camping site. The beaches in Njivice and as well in all the other places on island Krk, Croatia are very diverse – everything from rocky beaches, to small peble beaches, concrete and also a few sand ones. Njivice town has a great, vibrant promenade, with many lounge beach bars, restaurants and street stands with souvenirs, beach equipment and jewelry and accessories for the ladies. The sea everywhere is immensely clean, due to Krk being an island, where waters always have more flow capability than on the fallow land. They water also need a bit more time to warm up there, which is perfect for quite intense summer heat. Island Krk, Croatia has a Mediterranean climate, which means summers are dry and hot and winters are mild, humid and not that cold, which makes the island for a perfect tourist destination through almost the whole year around. 

Island Krk

Sunset in Stara Baška – Island Krk, Croatia

Another great place on Krk is Malinska, which has a nice smaller marina a great town center promenade and a wonderful “Paradise path” a walking and jogging path, that leads right next to the sea, offering a relaxing environment for a run or a walk. Then there is also town of Punat, which has an even bigger marina and a ski-lift nearby for all the lovers of wake-boarding.Town of Krk is the main town on the island with the most amenities available and is the liveliest town outside of the season. I love walking by the seaside there, since it’s always full of people and pleasant bustle. Since the island Krk, Croatia is more a family-oriented place, with not many party spots, the town of Krk with its lively atmosphere might be one of the best spots for younger guests to enjoy some nightlife. 

One of the most famous and popular places on Krk is definitely Baška, which I have to agree got its reputation completely reasonably, since it has a gorgeous sand beach with turquoise sea, that makes you feel like being somewhere in the tropics. A lot of young people come there, there is always something happening in the summer and it really is a special place. Not to mention the hiking spots and biking trails that Baška is offering, are completely amazing, there are sights and nature like no other. A definite must also for everyone who loves to climb since they also have spots for that, which makes Baška a great destination even outside of the season on island Krk. Croatia has a lot of coast and beaches to offer, but Krk really is like no other and therefore I do recommend it to everyone, since with its variety it can please all the different tastes, except for the wild parties, it truly is more family oriented place.

Island Krk

Bridge connecting island Krk to the mainland – Island Krk, Croatia

One of my very dear places there is also a scenic town of Vrbnik, stretching through a hill above the sea with a view of continental land. The town is absolutely gorgeous and has in my opinion the most soul of all the towns on the island Krk. Croatia has quite a rich history and Vrbnik definitely belongs among the spots that give you this historical atmosphere. It has the most beautiful tiny streets, with beautiful little details everywhere, the sites form all the parts of town are breath-taking and I can never get tired of walking around that place. Accommodations in Vrbnik are cheaper, since there are not that many tourists there, since you need to drive to the beach, but I am absolutely sure anyone who has ever been there loved it. It also has great cycling trails, which is very popular amongst all the people who love to explore coastal gems with their bikes. 

Last but definitely not least there is Šilo which is a tiny place on the west part of the island and has two of my favorite beaches on the island. One is a beach next to the ruins of an antique roman villa, which is a rocky beach that almost remind of cliffs. The terrain there is just amazing and from the sea you can find some smaller caves o swim into, which is completely awesome and adventurous. The other beach is a dog beach, intended for all the guests who have their pets (mostly dogs) with them on vacation, since dogs are allowed to swim there. That beach is located on a small peninsula and has some of the most breath-taking sunsets I have seen on the island, so definitely a place to go. 

Island Krk, Croatia, really is an amazing place and being there for a longer period of time this year definitely made me realize it. Besides all the beautiful sights there I adore all the nice people I’ve met there, they are all very hospitable and kind, I also love the food there, which for me is an important part of the trips. All in all a beautiful Mediterranean gem in Croatia worth visiting. I for sure will, because no matter how much I explore the island, there always seems to be something completely new waiting for me around each and every corner.

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