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Istria Croatia is the most interesting and beautiful place in the world for me. In Istria there are several things to do. You can relax on the beautiful coastline and swim in a blue Mediterranean sea. If you are bored you can take a tour and visit Brioni. Brioni are one of the most fabulous places in Istria Croatia. There you can spend relaxing day in the unspoiled nature, or rent a bike and ride around the island exploring hidden places.

Small, yet beautiful town of Motovun - Istria Croatia

Small, yet beautiful town of Motovun – Istria Croatia


If you want to do something else than catching the sun in the coast you can take a tour in Istria inland. Croatia has a breathtaking coastline, but the inland is the most interesting and unexplored in Istria Croatia. If you are planning to spend some days in Croatia you have to take day or two to visit Istria and try one of the best wine and olive oil in the world. You can read more about it at website, This is the land of vineyards and olive trees and you will feel like in Tuscany or somewhere in France.

One of many magnificent wine yards - Istria Croatia

One of many magnificent wine yards – Istria Croatia


The food and worldwide known wine are just a few of the reasons why you should visit Istria Croatia. Istria has one special treasure in their ground. It is called truffle. You can find this delicious gourmet pleasure only on few places in the world. Istria is one of those places. Truffles are hidden few centimeters under the ground and they are searched with trained dogs. The locals are cooking delicious things with this underground jewel. If you have time, you can spend a day with local people and go in the forest and try to find truffles. That kind of searching for truffles they call truffle hunting.

Truffle Hunting - Istria Croatia

Truffle Hunting – Istria Croatia


If you like art you must visit beautiful town of Grožnjan. It is one of the most charming places in Istria Croatia. In summer time the town changes in home of artists. Artist from all over the world open their galleries and handcraft workshops. You can enjoy walking narrow streets of Grožnjan and spend some time talking with artists and admiring their work.

City of Grožnjan, Istria Croatia

City of Grožnjan, Istria Croatia


In connection with Grožnjan I have to mention on more town. It is called Motovun and it is known by famous film festival which is held in summer time. The stunning atmosphere is perfect for watching films and you want regret if you will spend some days there during the festival. Motovun has much more to offer with his breathtaking views over the beautiful valleys of Istria Croatia.

For sport enthusiasts there are several things to do in Istria. There are kilometers of bike paths, the most interesting and famous is Parenzana, which goes through whole Istria Croatia and then cross the border and continue in Slovenian Istria and ends in Italy. Also hiking lovers will find their place in Istria. You can take a hike through Istrian hills and valleys and make stops in wine cellars and restaurants with autochthons food. If you like sun and see you can rent a sailing boat and take a tour along coastline and visit some pictures coast towns like Rovinj and Novigrad or sail north in Slovenia and visit beautiful town of Piran.

There is also something for adrenalin lovers. Aqua parks with big slides and different types of swimming pools. One is situated close to Poreč and one is in Brtonigla few kilometers from Novigrad.

As I have mentioned before Istria has some prized winemakers. If you will visit Istria you have to take a look in one of wine cellars and taste some great wines which are typical for this part of the world. You will enjoy in special aromas and tastes of Malvasia, Teran and sweet Muscat Momljanski.

Wonderful food & wines – Istria Croatia


One of the most prized olive oils has home in Istria Croatia. Special red ground and hot Istrian sun gives delicious taste and high quality to Istrian olive oil. You always take a bottle of this golden oil home with you and it will remind you on your holidays all over the year especially in cold winter days.

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