How to find Ljubljana airport transfer

Whether you travel to a certain country as a tourist, to see the sights and enjoy the foreign culture, food and overall atmosphere, or you’re taking a business trip, one thing is true: if you’re traveling by plane, you cannot bring your car and are, thus, reliant on the country’s transport system to get you from here to there and back. The comfort you get to enjoy on your travels, the price and the overall experience depends on which company you choose to offer you transport. There are many reasons why you should choose Ljubljana airport transfer, provided by our company, BookTaxi.

If you wish your travel to be quick and comfortable, the best solution is to take a taxi. Ljubljana airport is not all that close – it is about 23 kilometers away from the actual city of Ljubljana -, and especially trying to get there in rush hour can take a lot of time if you use public transport. Our taxi Ljubljana airport transport will take only a short time and our drivers are very experienced, so the ride will be comfortable and safe.

BookTaxi’s drivers follow a strict code

Our Ljubljana airport transfer is extremely professional and always right on time – you will never miss your flight or any other appointment ever again. Our drivers have a lot of knowledge about the roads of the area that they are driving around, so they know how to find a shortcut and avoid roads busy with traffic. They are also very friendly and ready to provide with tips on the best sights if you wish to visit Ljubljana or any other city, Slovenian or abroad, as a tourist.

Ljubljana airport transfer

Ljubljana airport transfer

Besides everything, the drivers that will take you on your Ljubljana airport transfer or anywhere else, follow a strict code of conduct which makes the whole experience a lot safer and more pleasurable, for example:

  • waiting for their clients: when you arrive at your destination, eg. at the airport or the desired meeting space, the driver from BookTaxi will already be waiting for you (holding a board with your name if you’re meeting in an airport). They will help you carry your bags to the car and put them in the trunk of the car. If your flight arrives early or late, they will still be right on time.
  • professional conduct: Upon their first meeting with a client, the driver will introduce him or herself, give you his or her name. They will try and keep up the good mood for the entire ride, chatting with the customer (if the customer desires it).
  • care in money transactions: at the end of the ride, the driver is required to give you a bill for their services. They will return exact change.
  • eyes on the road: the drivers are responsible for bringing the clients to their destinations safe, sound and on time. They adhere strictly to the road signs and regulations and display only the height of driving culture.

Our travels are always low price, but never cheap

If you take our taxi, Ljubljana airport transport to the city of Ljubljana will cost you 23 Euros, and the transport to further away cities like Postojna, Bohinj and Bled will cost you between 40 and 75 Euros, and for a ride to the sea (to cities Like Piran and Portorož) you will pay 105 Euros.

We can also take you abroad in our taxi. Ljubljana airport transport to cities in the neighboring countries like Trieste, Venice, Klagenfurt, Villach or Zagreb will cost you between 60 and 180 Euros.

Aside from taxis to take you around or just to Ljubljana, airport transfer to other cities is also possible in a shuttle which can fit up to eight passengers. This is somewhat cheaper Ljubljana airport transfer than if you wish to take a taxi, but while taxis leave precisely on time, a kombi vehicle will leave when it fills up.

Taxi Ljubljana Airport

Taxi Ljubljana Airport

Travel to foreign airports with BookTaxi

We don’t only provide our customers with rides to the airport of Ljubljana, airport transfer that we offer can also take you to airports in Croatian Zagreb, Italian Rochi, Italian Venezia, Austrian Klagenfurt and Austrian Vienna.

After reading this, you have probably realized that the Ljubljana airport transfer services we provide are the best in the country. We are eagerly awaiting your call so don’t hesitate – call us and ensure yourself the best Ljubljana airport transfer there is.

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