Thailand dental holidays – personal feedback/experience

Do you have some dental problems and you can’t afford fixing them at your own country since it’s too expensive? Are you deciding on, if you should use your money on your dentist, or on your well-deserved holidays? I had the same question on my mind, so I did some research. I always wanted to go to Thailand and experience their friendly culture and beautiful breathtaking beaches. So a few months ago in the beginning of April 2014, I’ve taken the Thailand dental holidays resolution.

Thailand Dental Holidays

Interesting way to spend your vacation – Thailand Dental Holidays

I’ve also heard that there are many people visiting Thailand from medical motives, especially by taking the Thailand dental holidays. From that reason I went online and google searched through Thailand dental centers, checked out different dental webpages and read feedbacks from people in order to find one with reasonable price and a quality service. I’ve got lucky, but many people don’t. Usually if you are searching for the cheapest place, things can go bad. From all the pages I’ve went through, I’ve send some emails and at the end decided that my Thailand dental holidays will take part at Thantakit International Dental Center (  in Bangkok which I liked from the start. They are really fast in responding to emails and their English level is pretty good. They have all their doctors with top education presented on their webpage, as well as the detailed description of the procedure you’re looking for. When I’ve read their Safe Amalgam / Mercury removal procedure I was pleased.

Dental Holidays in Thailand

Everything you need to know about Thailand dental holidays

I noticed that they know about this even more than in my own country. I’ve emailed them a picture of my 10 amalgam fillings and they’ve told me the approximate price for the service – which you can negotiate. Since my budget was not really high they’ve even decided to give me the Oxygen supply which was normally (500 THB / 11€ / 15$ per hour) – for free. When I was there they’ve also fixed another tooth which was not in its best condition. So for the whole service I’ve paid ( 20000 THB / 464 € / 622$ ). You can get it cheaper but I would not take that risk when it comes to my teeth, and still this price is much nicer than it would be in my own country. The service was really nice there as well, they have their own drivers who will come and pick you up from your hotel, take you to the clinic and drive you back when you are finished, for free. The dental center is based in a modern building with a nice air condition lobby where you can relax in comfortable sofas and drink as much bottled water or tea as you wish for.

Thailand Dental Holidays

You can really enjoy your Thailand dental holidays

You can as well use their computer or bring your own and use their Wi-Fi. The most important part of taking Thailand dental holidays, was definitely the friendly staff who will take good care of you. Thai people are generally really friendly and smiley nation. The doctors were careful and precise; they listened to my wishes and were really professional. I was truly pleased with the service. And the best part was that I was in Thailand so that after getting my teeth fixed I could now enjoy my holidays and explore this beautiful country.

In my opinion; Thailand dental holidays are always good decision if you know the place to go.