Incredible Lake Bled Slovenia


Bled represents the synthesis of natural, cultural and symbolic value.  Lake Bled is located in the Julian Alps in Slovenia, 55 km from the capital city Ljubljana.

It is a unique island on an Alpine lake surrounded by many beautiful mountains. Surrounding area is characterized by isolated hills that surround the lake. The scenery is really unique. Peaks in the background protrude into the sky, which increases the attractiveness of the venue.

Lake Bled Slovenia - The place for romantic encounters

Lake Bled Slovenia – The place for romantic encounters

Lake Bled Slovenia is one of the oldest tourist destinations and most beautiful alpine resorts in Slovenia. The first man who introduced this town to the world, was a Swiss doctor Arnold Rikli, with its air, sun and water baths. He bet primarily on healing forces of nature when treating patients. The prescriptions were walking, swimming, sunbathing and a vegetarian diet.

Lake Bled Slovenia - Incredibly beautiful lake

Lake Bled Slovenia – Incredibly beautiful lake

This town and its island attract visitors from all over the world. On the promenade along the lake Bled you can try in various cafes eminent cream cakes, which are also a specialty of Bled and its surroundings. The only true cream cake is the Bled cream cake.

Young ducks nearby Lake Bled Slovenia

Young ducks nearby Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia is an attraction, which is truly worth experiencing: Jogging and walking around the lake, ringing the island’s wishing bell, traditional boats, the nearby ski pistes, the castle treasures, mountain trails, hunting, golf courses, fishing, congress facilities, the casino, …

Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia – Beautiful nature

Tourists can visit Bled island with traditional gondola-like specific wooden “pletna” boats. The Pletna boat is operated by the pletna oarsman (pletnar) who rows standing up. This profession is very respected and it cannot be performed just by anyone. Same boat construction, which is nowhere like in the Alps, has been used for centuries. This tradition is transmitted from generation to generation.

Lake Bled Slovenia

Enjoy the pletna cruise at Lake Bled Slovenia

The Bled Island is a remarkable example of cultural heritage in Europe. The staircase leading to the top of the island, where the church stands, has ninety nine monumental stairs. Inside the church tower, there is a wishing bell, that fulfills wishes, to anyone that rings on the bell.

Panoramic picture of Lake Bled Slovenia

Panoramic picture of Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled keeps the legend of the sunken bell. It talks about the widow from the castle. The bandits murdered her husband and threw him into the lake Bled. In his memory, she ordered to make a bell for the chapel on the island, but a severe storm sank the boat, along with all the boatmen and bell. After the accident, she sold all her possessions and the proceeds donated to make a new church on the island, then she went to the monastery. After her death, the Pope send a new bell to Bled Island. He said that anyone that rings the bell three times and believes in God, his or her wish would come true.

View from the Bled castle

View from the Bled castle

The church on the lake Bled is frequently visited. For weddings is traditionally to considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the stairs before ringing the bell and making a wish inside the church.

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  1. I call Lake Bled perfect detox place …Lake Bled trully is an amazing destination one should visit at least once in a life time…

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