Požarevac – a friendly city

If you haven’t visit Serbia so far, now would be the right time to do so. The most friendly city in addition to the city of Belgrade is also the city of Požarevac.

Požarevac is the place where you will meet and live with the most friendly people, who are smiling most of the time and who know how to enjoy their lives properly.

Old Korzo

A very well known street in the center of town, which has maintained its old name, is “The Old Korzo”. It is a well-known promenade and gathering of mostly younger people. Late at night you can hear the laughter of girls, and some nice sing-along by the sounds of guitar.

Just a few steps away is the city park. In the park is a monument of Miloš Obrenović  and you can continue the walk along the nicely decorated path among the trees. The park is always full of strollers. Next to the park is the marketplace. On the marketplace, you can buy anything – from food to clothing.

Požarevac - city park

Požarevac – city park

Here you can try purchasing things by decreasing the initial prices, locals call this “barantanje” (bargaining). A lot of events are being held in the city center, such as: festival of flowers, the contest of wooden instruments, international easter Etno festival, …

You can spot a lot of stray dogs in the city. They aren’t offensive to people, but I must admit looking at them isn’t the most pleasant feeling one can get.

The oldest cultural institution is the “National Library Ilija M. Petrović”, which was established back in year 1847.

Memorial park Čačalica

The most beautiful part of Požarevac is the Čačalica park. It is located a good half an hour walk or approx. 1 kilometer outside the city. A very nicely decorated foot path takes you to all three of the monuments which are there since the very creation of the park. The largest monument is the “Freedom monument” where every year a memorial service in honor of the fallen victims of World War II is being held. Beautiful views of the meadows, the trees, the flowers opens up virtually everywhere you look around. In the park have always been only three monuments, today the park has changed. The new part of the park is now also a children’s playground, there are also more benches for you to sit and I must not forget to mention the “Eco House” – which is still under construction, though. During the winter this park is very popular place for kids which happily run up and down the hill with their sleds.

Požarevac - Eco house

Požarevac – Eco house

Ljubičevo and horses

One of the most famous tourist attractions is definitely “Ljubičevo horse farm”. with very famous “Ljubičevo equestrian games” being held there. The owner of this horse farm was Miloš Obrenović himself at one point. He bought horses and planted a tree himself, next to the road, and then donated all that to the country and its citizens.

When you look at this paradise full of horses, you can say that it is an “oasis of peace and tranquility”. You can choose to go for a ride with a carriage and you can also see the monument built in the honor of the horse called “Ljubičevac” because it is winning in all disciplines of the equestrian games.

Požarevac - church

Požarevac – church

Etno-park Tulba

The park is located not far away from the city on the hill. This is an outdoor museum which the locals reffer to as the “Požarevački mir”. Here the houses are built as they were in the ancient times. Currently, there are two family houses and one houses used as a grain storage. There are plans for the future to build the fountain where they would store the wine and “rakija”, some workshops where they will show visitors how they once made dishes, footwear etc.. A local tourist guide very carefully explains the historical value of this place.

Požarevac - Etno-park Tulba

Požarevac – Etno-park Tulba

I kept this place in a very fond memory. There was a new surprise for me on each corner.

The last day of my trip there was the opportunity to purchase clothes and shoes, which to this day remind me of a wonderful trip I had in Požarevac. You should give it a go as well!

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