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Bali Island in Indonesia is a beautiful and enchanted island and an exotic province to visit. Bali, the home of the famous Bali Island, settles at the Westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Bali is at the center of Java (to the West) and Lombok (to the East) and its capital is Denpasar which can be found in the southern part of the magical island.


Bali Island is a famous tourist destination where you can find the exotic mountains and breathtaking beaches blend with nature. Bali is also considered as the “Land of the Gods” where you can enjoy the spectacular and authentic beauty of nature. Mountains, volcanoes and hills are a beauty to behold. Rich rice fields which depicts abundance and good harvests sprawls the island.

There are one hundred and one reasons why many people want to go to Bali and reasons why you should visit Bali Island. The island’s breathtaking beach resorts are perfect places to spend your holidays and vacations. Bali offers many water activities like surfing and diving. If you want to learn more about the surfing, feel free to read this bali surfing guide. From their beach resorts you can go up or trek and explore Bali’s untouched mountains and hills. You will also find carved temples.

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The Bali Island has already made a big name and has made the whole world look up to her as a famous Island in Indonesia. Bali has already received numerous awards and recognition as the world’s best island. For instance, the Travel and Leisure Magazine has given an award to Bali Island as the “2009 World’s Best Island”. Bali Island was proclaimed as the second placer by The Lonely Planet in the “Best of Travel 2010” with the world’s other Top Regions.

The beautiful and exotic beauty of Bali Island is not the only reason why people around the world are magnetized to visit the island. Bali’s local residents who are friendly and very accommodating are also one reason why Bali Island is a favorite tourist destination. The Balinese are sincere people who follow Hindu religion. They dedicated most of their lives in listening and obeying the teachings and attending rites and rituals of the Hindu religion to uphold and make the whole world harmonious and peaceful.

Bali Island is also a place which boasts of the rich culture and tradition of Indonesia. Bali has mesmerized local and international visitors because of the numerous things and activities it can offer. Its rich culture which is expressed in each cultural dramatic dance and picturesque ceremonies or rites have captured the hearts of the people. Bali’s arts and crafts were accepted and commended not only by the local residents, but also by the foreign or international market. For instance, UNESCO has commended Indonesia’s “Batik” as the “World Intangible Cultural Heritage” last October 2, 2009. Other state-of-the-art crafts of Indonesia, which were highly acclaimed, are the “Keris” which is a wavy blade dagger, the “Wayang”, the shadow puppet and the musical instrument made of bamboo called the “Angklung”.

Bali also offers a night full of entertainment where you can enjoy and have fun until the wee hours of the morning. You can also enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your family and friends, or an intimate dinner with your special someone. Bali also offers a wonderful experience for those who plan to conduct their meetings in one of Bali islands beach resorts.

For many years, Bali Island’s popularity becomes intense. Bali Island’s amazing and exotic natural beauty spots have been very popular. These places are considered as “must be visited” sights on the magical island of Bali. Among the favorite places to visit Bali Islands are: Kuta, Uluwatu, Dreamland, Batur, Kintamani, Lake Beratan at Bedugul. These places are also perfect sights for those who love to surf and for people who love the beautiful mountains and amazing lakes. Bali also offers extravagant shopping especially to those who loves to shop.

Staying on Bali Island is not a problem because the island has numerous beach resorts where you can stay while enjoying the Bali island’s magical escapade. Bali has also luxurious hotels which are located within the premises where exotic beach resorts sprawled. Aside from the luxurious hotels, Bali has also some small lodgings along the streets.

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