Why we love to travel?

Have you ever really asked yourself, why do you love to travel? Why are you impatiently counting down the days to pack your backpack and go? Why every time you think of a travel, a smile decorates your face and you get goose bumps in your stomach?

I have encountered many people like me, while traveling… People, with whom I have connected immediately and it felt, like we knew each other for ages, but we met each other just few minutes ago… These people, like me, were all travelers. People who love to travel and share the same passion for it as I do. Maybe the phrase “I love to travel” is a very powerful for someone who does not really get us, but people, who travel, know exactly why that’s the best description for our life style as a traveler. Actually there is no big philosophy or an amazing story behind it… Travels are just something we are all passionate about – simple as that.

No one really gets our love for traveling, as long as they don’t try it by themselves. Once they do it, they are doomed, as the never ending travel bug, got them too.

I have been traveling ever since I was a three year old girl and every time I come back home, I am more eager to go somewhere again. It does not really matter where, because just going “somewhere” is enough. Sounds familiar?

From time to time I ask myself, if traveling is some kind of a curse, as I don’t just love to travel, but I live to travel. Traveling is my way of life, it’s my life style. Even when I am at home, daydreaming about traveling is nothing new to me. I guess I love to travel because whenever I am on the road, I really feel free, happy and alive!

Hunting for a cheap flight ticket became a routine and I know almost all the travel books by heart. Even though my income is low; I am passionate to safe as much money as I can for my next big adventure. More and more travels don’t really mean I am checking off my travel bucket list, but strange enough, the bucket list becomes longer and longer with each new travel I do.

Traveling is never boring and it teaches you amazing things you would never learn in front of a TV or while reading a book – even though the book is travel oriented. Traveling is eye-opening for many people, who are really able to see. Traveling spreads your horizons, makes you independent, adventurous, self aware and just happier for the things you sometimes take for granted.

While being on the road, you always meet amazing people – people with whom you make some of your best and unforgettable life memories. Like St. Augustine Hippo once said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” So, if you still have no idea, what I am talking about, don’t ask any longer… pack your backpack and go… You will not need long to find out, why I and all my fellow travelers, love to travel!


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