Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

If you are planning to have a vacation in Philippines, Camotes Island, Cebu is one of the best choice. In 2011, Camotes Island municipality awarded United Nations Sasakawa Award for disaster risk reduction (being clean).

Some brief information about Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

Some people are asking about the history of Camotes Island where does Camotes got his name.

Well, they said a long,long time ago one foreigner asked one woman which place is he? The woman didn’t understand what he was asking so she just simply answered Kamote which means sweet potato. Then foreigner said: Ah Camotes. So,this is the story of Camotes.

The Island consists of 92,278 population based on 2010 Census survey.

It has three major Islands:

  • Poro Island- municipalities of Poro and Tudela
  • Pacijan Island – municipality of San Francisco
  • Ponson Island – municipality of Pilar
  • Tulang Daku – is a part of San Francisco Island.

How to get to Camotes Island, Cebu?

You can take a boat (Jomalia Shipping) from Danao City port to Consuelo, Camotes Island. Call the ticket station for the reservation and time schedule clarification (+63928 406 6617).

Or from Cebu City port to Poro Island. I will not put any schedules because they change them without any prior notice.

Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

Transportation in Camotes Island,Cebu

For convenient you can bring your own vehicles in the Island otherwise when you come to the port, there a lot of motorcycles or habal-habal in Cebuano or multi cab or renting or just to drive you to the place where you will stay.

Locals will welcome you with a big smile. They are very hospitable, friendly, and kind. If you want to get to know more to locals, get out from your comfort zone and be with them. They will be glad to have you in their house. You will see how simple they lives but despite of that they are happy.

Don’t mess to try their foods especially fresh seafood products like fish, octopus, shells, crabs,.. if you are brave enough you can also try sea orchids, yummy!

You can buy a big fishes directly from the locals near the sea and they can clean your fish for free. For those who have a sweet tooth local delicacies are also availables.

Tour guide

Locals will be happy to guide you around the Island for a very affordable price. The price differs to whom you agreed.

If you are looking for accommodation in Camotes Island, there are a lot of choices.

Mangodlong Paradise beach resort is one of the beautiful resort in Camotes. It has a nice white sand sea with big swimming pool. They offers a lot of choices of food(international) or local foods. The rooms are just perfect for honeymoon, family, or for normal occasion.

You can also check out Santiago Bay resort, is has also a white sand beach with swimming pool.

If you want to be in a cooler place with green nature, you can stay in My Little Island Hotel. It is a bit far from the beach but it has a swimming pool where you can relax, read books under the tree, and just enjoy your day. This the first and only one hotel in Camotes as of now.

Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

Where to go and what to do in Camotes Island, Cebu?

You have a lot of choices, you won’t get bored. The beaches are very nice with white sand and clear crystal sea.

Swimming in any of the nice beach resorts like in Mangodlong Paradise beach resort, Santiago Bay resort, Bakhaw beach, Bano beach, Flying fish resort, Mangodlong Rock beach resort, Vall Hall resort, Sunset Vista resort, and more to mentions. Camotes is an Island, practically you can swim anywhere.

Sightseeing around the island with boat , multicab, or motorcycle. Going with motorcycle will take you one day (without stopping a lot of time). Since Camotes Island has 20,964 hectares. There are also caves and falls that will refresh your body from a hot weather:

Busay falls – are a small-beautiful falls with a stunning green nature around. They are located in Barangay General, Tudela, Camotes Island

Bukilat Cave – is an icy-cool crystal water which is located in McArthur,Tudela, Poro Island, Camotes, Cebu.

Timubo cave – this cave is in the middle of the farm that surrounded by a tropical crops like corn, coconut tress, and bananas. It has a small entrance hole so you will not immediately notice it. You can find this popular cave near Barangay Sonog, San Francisco, Camotes Island.

Cycling is also good option for those you love to be more in the nature while excercising.

For those who wants to experience to be on the other world, you can go to diving in Tulang Diot. The best time is all up to you.

Tulang Diot means small Island, which is in front of Tulang Daku, Esperanza Camotes Island has a very nice panoramic view which has a nice white sand and clear sea water.

If you are interesting how people lives there without electricity and water, well they have water by coming to Tulang Daku and buy mineral water. What about electricity? Of course, one of them who lives there has a big generator, they turn it on just on the evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, that’s all.

They have an Elementary school. Some of them are having a class under a big tree, this is because they don’t have enough classroom. For somebody who has a kind heart, they will be happy for any donations to help them making a toilet and more classrooms.

There is also a Lake Danao Park where you can enjoy the cool breeze from the air while having a picnic with your friends and family. Going with the boat around the lake is also available. Inquire for the price there.

A nice evening walk in Baywalk, San Francisco before the end of the exciting day will make you sleep better.

Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

Camotes Island,Cebu,Philippines update November 2015:

Camotes Island is now a new tourists destination. The prices of the properties/real-states are incredibly growing fast.

It has now a one shopping mall which is in San Francisco. New resorts are coming…

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