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Montenegro is a very interesting tourist country in the south-east of Europe It is independent country since 2007, and was formerly a part of Yugoslavia. The capital city of Montenegro is Podgorica and the national currency is  euro. Montenegro was mentioned already in times of the Roman Empire. The most beautiful and attractive parts of this small tourist country are the beaches along the coast of Budva, their length exceeding 25 km. This coast has  seventeen major and minor, mostly sandy, beaches.

Montenegro - the old city part of Budva

Montenegro – the old city part of Budva

The oldest village in the Adriatics is most probably Budva. The legend says, that it was founded by Cadmus, the son of King Agenor. Cadmus’ family had to leave the city of Thebes and therefor came here and created a new village of Buthua (Budva). The old part of the city is still surrounded by walls. Within the walls are the streets and squares with shops and inns. The nearby island of Sv. Stefan, is nowadays a place with an excellent luxury hotel for the wealthiest guests .

Town of Kotor lays in the bay. The old part of the town with the port is under the protection of Unesco. Kotor has eighteen churches, one basil, two monasteries and houses in a seaside style. An abandoned monastery is now converted into a museum with other accompanying attractions.

Montenegro - The bay of Kotor

Montenegro – The bay of Kotor

During a pleasant walking along you can see a Romanesque basilica with a dome and three bells of Saint Tryphon.

One of the cultural centers is also town of Cetinje and town of Lovćen. Lovćen is the symbol and guardian of the Montenegrin freedom. Monastery in Cetinje had the first print shop in the Balkans. It is also a place where you can find the Vlah church, which is surrounded by a fence of the pipe guns. In the village of Njeguši, hometown of Orthodox bishop Petar Petrović Njegoš, the weather conditions (warm climate and fine winds) are almost perfect for the drying of the prosciutto.

Montenegro - Monastery of Cetinje

Montenegro – Monastery of Cetinje

The mountains in the interior part of the Montenegro are also a great place to observe and visit. Also the mountains in the interior part of the country should be techniques. Pass the Lake Skadar and follow the trail which will lead you to the ski center Kolašin. Another great place to see is Lake Biograd. Mighty river of Tara is running across the center of Durmitor towards the town of Žabljak. Tara’s canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world and the deepest one in whole Europe.

Town of Žabljak is surrounded by eighteen lakes. The most visited one is the largest, Black Lake.

Montenegro - Canyon of River Tara - Picture by Avi1111 dr. avishai teicher @ WikiCommons

Montenegro – Canyon of River Tara

Montenegro - Lake Biograd

Montenegro – Lake Biograd

At the end of my article, I must also present you the fantastic cuisine of Montenegro. Try Njegoš ham and cheese, priganice (fritters) and dried fish. The main dish in the north are lamb boiled potatoes and cheese.

The most vineyards are located within the “13. jul Plantation”, where they produce very-high quality wines of Vranac and Vranac Pro Corde.

I hope you will visit Montenegro very soon and learned yourselves about the great tourist attractions and warm, friendly people there!

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