10.000 kilometers On Foot For Freedom

We are George and Agni on a 10.000 km journey on foot for Freedom, doing it with hardly any money. We live mostly from the food that is thrown away and sleep in people’s homes, or outside without a tent in small summer sleeping bags. We carry only a 25 and 28 L backpack filled with basic clothing.

We named our project Walk Fearless, as we wanted to first get over our own fears. We sensed this is the only way we will truly be free. After a month into walking, we started to share how we face our fears. It quickly became our mission to bring others to this freedom we have been experiencing. To easily meet people we wear signs stating “10.000 km on foot for freedom”. One is on the back and one in the front.


We walk for freedom from our fears:

Fear from being who we want to be.

Fear from giving what we want to give.

Fear from living how we want to live.


We are free and anything is possible. So we should never ever let anyone (not even ourselves) tell us what we can or cannot do, because whatever we believe, we can find a way to do it. And that is our message to the world.

3rd nervous breakdown, constant head ache and raising debt was enough to leave an old life behind and begin the walk

In July 2015 we chose to close down our business and finish 9 other social projects. We realised that after 1 and half year we weren’t any closer to what we wanted, to have the financial means to travel. Our debt got bigger each month. We were frustrated, working all days, from early morning till night, going to bed exhausted, feeling like we’re not doing any progress.

We constantly fell into self doubt of not being god enough and revisiting our values, or mission, our vision. And every time it just became a bigger mess. We felt there is something completely off about us, we were getting stuck in breakdown after breakdown and somehow trying to push on. If nothing else, we were persistent.

Agni: “George had his 3rd nervous breakdown, looking at how we could pay all our debts, all the taxes and our means to survive with hardly any income. The good thing about it, I started supporting him in things he was really struggling with and it made a positive impact on looking for the solutions for the financial abyss together.”

10.000 kilometers On Foot For Freedom

10.000 kilometers On Foot For Freedom

George: “That summer night in July, after seeing that if we don’t change something drastically, we will end up in the same circle again, we asked ourselves: What would we do if money didn’t exist? And if nobody paid us for what we do? The words came from both of us, saying: I would just walk and walk, and meet people. And share the knowledge I have, and expand it by learning from them!”

These words inspired us so much that the next morning we said: “Let’s do it. No matter what. No matter if we leave the debt, no matter if we walk without money. We are going.”

Being committed to our greatest value, freedom, is was what makes miracles happen

We had 5 weeks to leave our old life behind, all the projects and closing down our business. In those 5 weeks before we went, we managed to earn more money than in 1 and half year. We repaid all the debt and even bought some of the things we would need for the journey. The secret trick was the determination to start walking no matter the circumstances we were in. It created a wave of support. Miracles happened.

On 3rd of September 2015 we left Slovenia. We started our walk in Marseille on 11th of September with a budget of 1000€. Our initial goal was 3.000 km, which we reached after 8,5 months. After seeing that freedom is a life mission, we expended it into 10.000 km, thinking this should last for 2 or 3 years.

“Simple” is our answer to how to do it

We decided to walk as simple as possible, so we didn’t take any tent or mattress. We have always been inspired by simplicity.

This is what we took with us: 2 pairs of underwear, 2 underwear pants, 2 shirts and 2 socks, 1 sweater, thin 15€ hiking pants, jacket and gloves, summer sleeping bag, a knife, a notebook, basic things for hygiene, a water filter which we already sent back home, a tablet and a phone.

We calculated that 1000€ is enough to survive on a 7€ daily budget for a little less than 5 months. So we chose to sleep only in people’s homes or in nature.

For 4 months we walked without money for food nor accommodation and survived

After 2 months, on 7th November, we had 400€ left and decided this will be emergency money. Thus the challenge of walking without money for food & accommodation began, and lasted for 4 months.

Agni: “We chose not to use money on ourselves, but decided to keep using it on our mobile internet and website, so we could continue sharing our experience. We wanted to inspire other people that anything is possible, no matter what circumstances we were in.”

Listening to what people asked and following our values brought us to what we wanted to do in life

First month we were just walking, even up to 45 km a day, not doing anything but sharing our experience with friends on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wewalkfearless

We wanted to naturally discover what is our true life purpose. We used to be multi-passionate (no wonder we were doing 9 different projects). We didn’t know which one of those passions is “the one”, which resulted in spreading like wild fire and eventually deplete our energy. We wanted the purpose to show itself naturally. We were clear that what we did before, just didn’t work for us.

Agni: “I was frustrated. The first month I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was the first time in my life that I had no goals, no plans, no schedule, nothing.”

In a month we crossed into Spain and shortly after got our first request from people. A Couchsurfing community friend we were staying with in Llanca asked us if we would talk in his English class about our experience. This is where our giving started. Because people were asking for more, it naturally lead to doing more free presentations in other schools and eventually we developed free workshops, sharing what we use to conquer our fears.

The spiritual approach to our work – unconditional giving

We feel that what we’ve discovered through our experience so far should be shared freely. If something contributes to the humanity, it should be available for the greater good of all. We rely on trust that if we do good things for the world, good things will come to us and we’ll be taken care of. We define ourselves as givers, believing in the unconditional giving. We believe money should never prevent progress or acts of kindness, giving help to others. We’ve found that this profoundly changed our way of thinking and living.

10.000 kilometers On Foot For Freedom

10.000 kilometers On Foot For Freedom

We’re creating all the things, people and events in our lives – the good and the negative

Amongst other principals we came to realise (and now share with others) is how the Universe is a perfect mirror of who we are. That we actually are the Universe itself. Our prejudices and resentments we have towards our own selves are creating all the evil, hatred and falsehood in the world. We are projecting ourselves into the world. This is extremely positive thing as it is showing us where to grow.

We believe it is important being “walk the talk”, standing for the greater human values like love, peace and freedom. Being the change creates the change. Honouring our values is what is standing between us and the world we want to create. Being 100% truthful to ourselves is what is required. It requires saying NO, despite our fears, to everything that is not aligned to our greater values like freedom and saying YES to what we feel pulls us. It does take enormous courage or being FEARLESS. Fearless is the key ingredient.

George: “Each of us is a creator of everything in his life. Some of it consciously and some of it unconsciously. It is up to us to start asking ourselves – how did we create the situation, the relationship, the world, the life we have today. With discovering our responsibility (which is knowing that we are the creators) we can finally create things consciously, freely and with respect to the future we wholeheartedly want.”

We only share what we tested and continually use ourselves

In our lectures, workshops and personal transformation sessions we share the foundations of our discoveries. We are handing down tools to overcome fears or become fearless, how we are conscious creators of our lives and how to achieve things in a way that corresponds with nature, without effort.

Our walk is all about giving out what we are really good at. The road has given us the confidence and opportunity to meet so many people and share what we do. And what we absolutely enjoy are our personal deep matrix transformational sessions. We are so happy when people are ready to take it on, liberating themselves from the negative mind and emotional blocks that created their unwanted past and present experience, leaving them free to create the future they actually want.

Everything we do starts with this profound question:

“How did I create this?”

Coming from this question has sparked a tremendous personal and spiritual growth. When we put ourselves in the centre of it all, we get an enormous access to power.

What are we up to now?

Today we walk with little money, doing everything from our hearts, believing in contribution as the way to bring this planet out of limited monetary system into what we describe as “Spiritual Economy”, where all people are givers, giving things freely, so we can rise together and make Earth a free world of abundance and joy.

Wherever we go we spread or wisdom and tools to be fearless, how to find your life purpose and go for what you truly want, not settling for anything less. Remember: in any time – anything is possible.

Go and connect with us and our mission. Learn from everything we share about achieving personal freedom on our website: www.walkfearless.org

Anyone who finds this inspiring and useful for his life or as a good deed for the world, you can support our mission by your donation. Please visit our website and click on the support button.


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